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Executive Committee members 2023/24

The affairs of the Institute are planned, organised and managed by the ISTR Executive Committee which is made up from ISTR Members who are elected (at the Annual General Meeting) and co-opted (by the Executive Committee).
The committee meets several times a year. The dates and the agenda are published here.
For more information or if you want to raise an issue for discussion please contact the ISTR Secretary. More details can be found in the ISTR Constitution.


Andy Minnis
Chair (2 years from 2023)
UK Biobank

Jon Gawn
Past Chair (1 year from 2023)
Independent Biosafety Consultant

Liz McMinn
Secretary/Biosafety Steering Group Deputy Chair (2 years from 2023)
University of Liverpool 

Dev Agarwal
Treasurer (2 years from 2023)
Kings College London

Chris Pirson
Events Secretary (2 years from 2023)
University of Aberystwyth

Philip Bailie
Membership Secretary (1 year from 2023)

Ian Graham
Biosafety Steering Group Chair
Universtiy of Warwick

Valerie Loughry
Biosafety Competency Lead
Diamond Light

Elected Members

Mark Elsdon (2 years from 2022)
University of Cambridge

Anne Miller (2 years from 2023)
Deputy Membership Secretary

Roberta Perelli (2 years from 2023)
University College London

Adam Stevenson (2 years from 2022)
Chair of Events Steering Group
Sonic Healthcare UK 

Co-opted Members

Mark Ariyanayagam
Biosafety Steering Group Regional Coordinator
Queen Mary University of London

Marian Blokpoel

Biosafety Steering Group Regional Coordinator/ EBSA/EU liaison
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Jillian Deans

June Freeland
Aus/NZ/SE Asia liaison

Alice Gallagher
Biosafety Steering Group Regional Coordinator
University of Glasgow

Holly Godfray
Website review lead

Chris Hews

Aamer Ikram
Indian subcontinent liaison
National Institutes of Health Pakistan