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Biosafety Professional Level 2

The Level 2 BSP scheme provides the platform for the professional recognition of those who work full time in the field. CPD is an integral part of the scheme, based on portfolio development across a range of mandatory units, supplemented by units of choice.

The Biosafety Working Group is very pleased that HSE took an active role in its deliberations, with the prime objective of creating a scheme that has recognition by employers and employees and the support of enforcement authorities.

Candidates for the Level 2 qualification are required to submit a portfolio of evidence of achievement across six mandatory units, plus evidence from two further optional units. A list of optional units will be offered to all potential applicants, but an applicant may propose a subject area outside the list. Agreement will be subject to discussion with the assessor.
Mandatory Units
  1. Basic underpinning knowledge (qualification and experience)
  2. Organisational arrangements (policy, culture, systems, etc.)
  3. The law (relevant to biosafety, including regulatory environment)
  4. Communication and training
  5. Biological risk management
  6. Occupational health
Examples of optional units are:
  • Work at Containment level 3 or 4 (including animal pathogens)
  • Genetic modification
  • Plants and plant pathogens
  • Biosecurity
Further details of the scheme including portfolio requirements, mentoring and assessments and how to apply can be found from the Level 2 (Professional) registration page.

  Biosafety Accreditation Professional FAQs (PDF)

Biosafety Professionals are entitled to use the letters BSP.