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About ISTR

ISTR is a relatively small but active organisation. Founded in 1981 as the Institute of University Safety Officers, membership widened beyond the University sector and in 1992 it was re-named the Institute of Safety in Technology and Research (ISTR). Today ISTR serves and supports the individual interests of safety professional in their specialist area of research and high technology.

ISTR organises for its members symposia and skills workshops, publishes a handbook and has an e-mail discussion forum. There is also an ISTR award and a sponsorship scheme. Being relatively small the Institute is friendly and lends itself easily to networking opportunities.

ISTR is well respected by external bodies and makes representation to, and is consulted by, other professional bodies and regulators in the UK and abroad.

ISTR has set up and now accredits the Biosafety Accreditation Scheme which gives professional recognition to the competence of Biosafety practitioners.

There are four categories of ISTR membership: Fellow, Member, Associate and Retired. All categories of membership are open to those who work outside of the UK provided the appropriate standards of qualification and experience are met.

The affairs of the Institute are managed by the ISTR Executive.

Upcoming events

    • 16 November 2021
    • 19 November 2021
    • 4 sessions
    • Online


    and AGM

    Engineering for Safety

    Tuesday 16th - Friday 19th November 2021

    (Choose the sessions you wish to attend, special rates available)

    ISTR Annual General Meeting
    Tuesday 16th November 17.30 - 18.30 

    Social Events
    Wednesday 17th November 18.30 - Quiz
    Thursday 18th November 18.30 - Gin Tasting

    Following last autumn's successful online event we have appointed Open Audience to deliver this year's Autumn Symposia. Book now to secure your place.

    Engineering for Safety is wide-ranging topic and our programme reflects this. Our keynote presentation discusses the past, present and future containment of biological agents. While other speakers cover the challenges of ensuring the safe operation of aging or historical equipment, right through to the challenges of responding to the current Covid pandemic, including an insight into the HSE's role in this.  

    The rise of task automation presents safety challenges as does monitoring and controlling airborne contaminants in a large teaching suite. Also we will hear about examples of collaborative working with non-safety professionals across an organisation in order to maintain a safe working environment. Whatever your discipline there will be opportunities to expand your knowledge and apply this to your own work situation.  

    In addition, the ISTR Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday and members are encouraged to attend.

    Social events:
    ISTR recognises the importance of meeting others and we have planned
    two events to facilitate this:
    Wednesday - ISTR Quiz again hosted by ISTR's own Egghead (included in ticket cost)
    ThursdayVirtual Gin Tasting and discover the science of gin distilling.(Cost £29.99 - separate booking required)

    There will also be an opportunity to meet Exhibitors as they hold either virtual presentations (between 12-1.30pm) or drop-in discussions. Details of how to take part in these will be provided.     


    Session 1: Tuesday 16 November

     14:45  Welcome and introductions
     15:00 Keynote presentation: 
    Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - a retrospective account of containment and control of biological agents 
    Heather Sheeley, Independent Consultant
     15:50  Break
     16:00 Working together (H&S, FM & Engineers) to enhance process control. 
    Richard Allen, Wellcome Sanger Institute
     16:25  Break
     16:30 HSE’s role in the response to COVID-19
    John Bell, Health and Safety Executive
     17:00  End of formal presentations
     17:30  Annual General Meeting

    Session 2: Wednesday 17 November

     14:45  Welcome and introductions
     15:00 Moving from manual to automatic pipettes
    Jenny Morgenstern, Kymab Ltd
     15:50  Break
     16:00 Under the lens – a snapshot of safety challenges in an historic industry
    Lindsey Campbell, Harman Technology
     16:25  Break
     16:30 Biohazard awareness training for engineers
    Sarah Gold, The Pirbright Institute
     17:00  End of formal presentations
     18:30 Social Event - Quiz - hosted by ISTR's Egghead, Beth Webster

    Session 3: Thursday 18 November

     14:45  Welcome and introductions
     15:00 Controlling exposure of formaldehyde and phenol in an Anatomy Suite 
    Elaine Armstrong, University of Manchester
     15:50  Break
     16:00 The MDC Lighthouse Laboratory – shining a light on covid testing 
    Tanya Aspinall, The Medicines Discovery Catapult
     16:25  Break
     16:30 The Lighthouse Experience: Ensuring Safety and Quality While Scaling-up PCR to Meet the Pandemic
    Harper van Steenhouse, Glasgow Lighthouse Lab
     17:00  End of formal presentations
     18:30 Social Event - Virtual Gin Tasting and the science of gin distilling by the Cotswold Distillery (£29.99 - separate registration required)

    Session 4: Friday 19 November

     14:45  Welcome and introductions

    Automated Sample Preparation Driving greater productivity and data integrity.
    Ewan Grant, Beckman Coulter

     15:50  Break
     16:00 Automation in the malaria laboratory. 
    Liam Prestwood, Wellcome Sanger Institute
     16:25  Break
     16:30 Application of functional safety to the biosafety industry. 
    Jaspreet Chana, Engineering Safety Consultants Ltd
     17:00  End of formal presentations

    * Please note that while the programme is accurate when circulated, it is always possible that a speaker may not be able to attend on the day, in which case an alternative speaker will be provided

    Venue: Online, delivered by Open Audience

    Price: From £40 per session

    Final details and refunds:  Bookings close on Tuesday 8th November. Refunds for cancellations will incur a £25 administration charge. Please contact istr-eventssecretary@istr.org.uk to arrange.

    • 18 November 2021
    • 18:30
    • Online

    ISTR Social - Virtual Gin Tasting

    Thursday 18th November 


    Following the huge success of last year's virtual tasting session we have teamed up with The Cotswold Distillery to bring you a private gin tasting experience.

    Learn from the experts at Cotswold Distillery as they share the science of gin  distilling and the different techniques used to produce the range of gins you will receive in your tasting kit.

    How to book your ticket

    1. Book and pay for your ticket via this ISTR site by Thursday 4th Nov making sure you add an address you wish to have the kit delivered to
    2. ISTR inform the distillery of registered delegates
    3. Distillery ship the tasting kits and provide joining information direct to delegates
    4. We all gather together at 18.30 on 18th Nov to enjoy our private bespoke gin tasting session!

    Order your virtual tasting kit ticket now for just £29.95 each (Inc VAT and Delivery) 

    Closing date for bookings: Thursday 4th November.

    Cancellations: No refunds are possible should you need to cancel your place at this event. Your tasting kit will still be delivered to the address.provided.