Biosafety Accreditation Scheme

Scheme Benefits

ISTR has established standards of competency for the UK biosafety community which supports the career development for those that seek to progress in this field of safety, namely. 

Level 1 (Biosafety Practitioner)

Based on an ISTR accredited, comprehensive and structured training course which meets a range of competency requirements. Those who successfully complete the course and have 2 years relevant experience in biosafety are eligible to be registered as Biosafety Practitioners.

Level 2 (Biosafety Professional)

Provides a platform for the professional recognition of those who work full time in the field. Candidates prepare a portfolio of their work in biosafety over a five year period and submit this to ISTR for assessment. Biosafety Professionals can use the letters BSP. Accredited Biosafety Professionals are expected to enrol on the Continuous Professional Development Scheme (CPD) in order to maintain their accreditation.

Scheme Background

ISTR participated in the CEN (European Committee for Standardization) workshop that resulted in the CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) 16335 Biosafety Professional Competence, published in 2011.

The agreement was adopted by several European and World nations, including the UK. It describes the role, background qualifications and competencies of the biosafety professional. The agreement focuses on the competencies required but not how they are assessed.

ISTR is committed to supporting and developing its biosafety competence scheme, including the accreditation of training providers and the assessment and registration of both Biosafety Practitioners and Biosafety Professionals. ISTR, through the UK Biosafety Steering Group, will ensure its scheme is in line with the CWA Biosafety Professional Competence Agreement.