Feedback from previous Symposia...

"Fascinating talk with really useful tips – need to apply much of the suggestions to our staff and students"

"Really interesting presentation on new builds"

"The back of house tour excellent and interesting"

"Good presentation showing how one University tackles difficult situations. Good to know that our practices aren't that different"

"Very enjoyable two days. Good to meet and network with others"

"Great after–dinner speaker"

"A good discussion, with good ideas"

"Conference Dinner – Good food, great location and excellent company"

"Informative and interesting. Good case studies"

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ISTR Events

ISTR runs a number of events each year. View past events

Summer and Autumn Symposia -  high-quality, topical symposia, usually open to non-members. The summer symposium includes a visit to somewhere of interest and a formal dinner.

Skills workshops - tend to be 'hands on' events, restricted to members only as numbers are limited to ensure delegates get the maximum benefit from the workshop.

Upcoming events

    • 25 June 2019
    • 09:00 - 17:00
    • Room B12 Engineering and Science Learning Centre, University of Nottingham, Clifton Blvd, Nottingham NG7 2AH
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    Note: This event is for ISTR Members only  

    Summer 2019 ISTR Skills Workshop: 

    Morning: Human Error and Human Factors
    Afternoon: Practical Ergonomics  

    This additional workshop in the ISTR programme provides delegates with the opportunity to explore these two topics in detail:      

    Morning: Human Error and Human Factors
    Trainer – Rosie Russell, University of Edinburgh

    “No one shows up to work planning to make a mistake” (Don Holmstrom, Lead Investigator, Texas City Refinery Explosion Investigation 2005).

    What experiences and lessons can be learned from high-reliability industries and major accidents? This workshop explores human error in its most common forms and aims to convey the message that, while human error is inevitable, we can reduce the consequences of such error. Furthermore, human error is a consequence of an organisation’s systems, not the root cause of an incident. Thus we should look deeper and further for systemic solutions to incidents involving human error, not blame the individual and potentially mask the issue at hand.

    The workshop is interactive and hands-on through a mixture of case-studies, video presentations, group-work and discussion to explore the theory and provide practical examples of the sources of human error within systems and human error-based investigation. The content is drawn mainly from aviation and heavy industries however the theory is equally applicable in the laboratory and research environments.

    Participants will be equipped with an understanding of the taxonomy of human error, an insight into the psychology underpinning human performance and reliability together with guidance on further reading.

    Afternoon: Practical Ergonomics
    Trainers - Stuart Entwistle (Training Manager) and Guy Osmond (Managing Director), Osmond Ergonomics

    Poor postures at work are a major source of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders - injuries and conditions that affect the human body's movement or musculoskeletal system). MSDs can result in a huge cost to a business through lost working days and decreased productivity amongst affected staff. The afternoon session of this workshop will focus on the risks of adopting poor postures whether using a smartphone, computer or laboratory equipment such as a microscope. Advice will cover setting up your work area correctly - whether at home, in the office or in a lab - and how to achieve good postures.

    With a hands-on approach, the workshop will help delegates to understand what is happening within the body when we adopt and maintain static or poor postures or carry out repetitive actions. Practical demonstrations of how to arrange your work area and position equipment will give delegates the confidence and knowledge to be able to set up your workplace to improve your posture, wellbeing and productivity.  

    Our trainers

    Rosie Russell: Rosie never intended to work in health and safety nor be expected to have had to develop expertise in human error. She was prompted to pay more attention to health and safety after suffering a serious accident in the chemistry lab and a career in health and safety developed. She also started working for the Institute for Animal Health (IAH) in Compton eight weeks before the 2007 Foot and Mouth Outbreak from the drains at the IAH sister site at Pirbright. This prompted the IAH to nominate her to develop their Human Error management and training programmes. It was a steep learning curve under the watchful eye of the HSE.

    She has since worked for the Institute of Cancer Research in Chelsea and the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences. In 2017 she moved within the University to take up the post of Health and Safety Manager for the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) and Western General Hospital Campus within the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. She is a Member of ISTR, AURPO, EBSA and a Fellow of IIRSM and the RSPH.

    Stuart Entwistle: Stuart has worked at Osmond Ergonomics since 2001. Starting as an Installation Engineer, he progressed through the Customer Service and Sales Departments to become an Advanced DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessor in 2005. He has carried out more than 3,000 face-to-face assessments – a mix of office and home evaluations for workers and Higher Education students with physical disabilities, including Open University students up to 90 years of age. This comprehensive background makes Stuart one of the most experienced specialists in the UK. With this knowledge as a foundation, Stuart became Training Manager in 2013, developing and delivering a range of generic and bespoke modules, including the creation of a series of IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management) approved training courses, one of which forms the basis for this workshop.

    Guy Osmond: After a varied business career, Guy formed Osmond Ergonomics in 1992 as the ‘HSE Six Pack’ Regulations were introduced. Although he never qualified as an ergonomist himself, he has worked closely with ergonomics, health & safety, occupational health and medical professionals for over 25 years. He has spoken at conferences and events in the UK and USA and has a wealth of knowledge relating to workplace design, productivity and wellbeing, both physical and mental.


    9.00 -9.30 – Registration/coffee

    9.30 –   Start - Welcome & domestic arrangements

    9.35 –   Session 1 – Human Factors

    11.00 – Coffee/Tea

    11.15 – Session 1

    12.45 – lunch

    13.30 – Session 2 Ergonomics

    15.00 – Coffee/Tea

    15.15 – Session 2

    16.45 – Ends

    Workshop costs - £195
    This includes: Classroom training, handouts, a buffet lunch and refreshments during the day.

    This is not included in the price but is available at local hotels. 

    See for details

    Final details
    Final details will be forwarded on receipt of payment or 2 weeks before the event.

    Refunds cannot be made for non-attendance. A substitute person may attend, contact