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Biosafety Professional Level 2
Registration & Portfolio

Registering for Biosafety Professional accreditation and submitting portfolios for assessment
The first step toward registration as a Biosafety Professional (BSP) is for the applicant to register an interest by contacting the ISTR BSP Scheme Administrator, Kemp House 152 City Road London EC1V 2NX. There is a £25 registration fee.
The following guidance outlines the steps required for progression with a portfolio

On request the applicant may obtain the guidance of an ISTR-appointed mentor, to help ensure the portfolio is produced to the required standard.

When complete, the portfolio should be submitted to ISTR with the final fee payment of £150 for ISTR members or £175 non-members (ISTR membership is currently £20 per annum). An ISTR-appointed assessor will scrutinise the submission and either approve the portfolio or provide constructive feedback to enable the applicant to make improvements up to the required standard.

Once the assessor has approved the portfolio, a recommendation is made to the ISTR Executive Committee to add the applicant to the register of BSPs. This register is maintained on the ISTR website. The successful applicant will receive a Certificate of Registration.

Registration is for an initial period of 3 years. During this time a BSP will be expected to participate in the ISTR BSP CPD scheme. At the completion of each 3-year cycle a further fee of £35 is payable for CPD assessment. There is no annual fee requirement.

ISTR will at all times respect and safeguard the confidentiality of submissions. At the successful outcome of a submission, ISTR will either destroy all material held, or if the preference is indicated, will return all materials to the applicant.

Designation of letters for use by BSPs
Biosafety Professionals are entitled to use the letters BSP.
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