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Biosafety Regional Groups and Meetings

There are three Regional Biosafety Groups: Northern (including Scotland), Midlands/South West/Wales and Southern. These groups meet locally within their regions, at least twice a year. You do not need to be a member of ISTR to attend meetings but since membership of ISTR is open to those working in universities, public and private research organisations and industry throughout the public and private sectors in high technology and research, it is uniquely placed to represent and cater for the biosafety professional.
For further information about regional groups, please contact your regional representative on the Biosafety Steering Group

All Regional Groups

July 2013, University of York
Working in containment facilities: expectations vs realities
For copyright reasons the presentations from this meeting are only available to ISTR members and Guests who attended.


March 2015, London Regulation of Specified Animal Pathogens -an update Adobe pdf icon

July 2012, CRUK Cambridge Research Centre

Agenda Adobe pdf icon

- Dynamic Risk Assessment: Methedology and Tales from the Front line Adobe pdf icon
- Safety in Fieldwork: Managing Biosafety Aspects Adobe pdf icon
- Health and Safety implementation for sample collection Adobe pdf icon


April 2010, University of Edinburgh Agenda Adobe pdf icon

November 2009, University of Newcastle

Minutes Adobe pdf icon

May 2009, University of Glasgow

Minutes Adobe pdf icon

- CWA 15793: Laboratory Biorisk Management Standard Adobe pdf icon
- An Update: the SRF and the HSL Room Disinfection Project Adobe pdf icon
- National Counter Terrorism Security Office Adobe pdf icon

November 2008, University of Manchester

Minutes Adobe pdf icon and Statement of Intent Adobe pdf icon December 2006, AstraZeneca, Cheshire Presentations
- SAPO Avoiding the pitfalls Adobe pdf icon
- Hydrogen Peroxide vs Formalin Technology Adobe pdf icon
- Transport of Biological Materials Adobe pdf icon

May 2005, University of Leeds

- Gene Therapy Clinical Trials Adobe pdf icon
- Gene Therapy at the Hammersmith Hospital, London. Adobe pdf icon
- Conducting Gene Therapy Trials at the Hammersmith. Adobe pdf icon
- International transportation of Bio hazardous and PharmaceuticalMaterials Adobe pdf icon
- Plant Pathogen controls: licenses for import & export and usage. Adobe pdf icon
- Quarantine Containment Adobe pdf icon
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