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ISTR Biosafety Section

Welcome to the ISTR Biosafety Section.

The ISTR Biosafety Section exists to meet the needs of and to provide a national focus for ISTR members and others who share an interest and professional experience in Biological Safety.

ISTR membership is open to individuals working in universities, public and private research organisations and industry throughout the public and private sectors in high technology and research. ISTR membership is predominantly, but not exclusively, from the UK. ISTR is therefore uniquely placed to represent and cater for the biosafety professional, including non-members.

Biosafety Accreditation
ISTR has established standards of competency for biosafety practitioners and accredits courses in biosafety practice at Level 1 (Foundation) and Level 2 (Professional)

The Biosafety Section contribute regularly to the ISTR symposia.

ISTR Biosafety Steering Group
Biosafety Steering Group (BSG) represents the interests of UK biosafety nationally and internationally on behalf of ISTR.

Regional Groups and Meetings
There are three Regional Biosafety Groups: Northern (including Scotland), Midlands/South West/Wales and Southern. These groups meet locally within their regions, at least twice a year. For further information about regional groups, please contact your regional representative on the Biosafety Steering Group.

Guidance Documents
Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations 2014: Significant change: guidance by exampleAdobe pdf icon
This guidance has been prepared by the Biosafety Steering Group, in consultation with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and with input from the UK biosafety community to supplement the official HSE guide to the GMO (CU) Regulations 2014.

ISTR Guidance on the Containment of Infected ArthropodsAdobe pdf icon
This guidance, entitled 'Safe Working with Arthropods' covers containment and control for work with uninfected, infected and transgenic animals in research.
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